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Engage HIGH PAYING CLIENTS With Our Simple To Use
100% Cloud Based SaaS Platform

"Digital Video Marketing Is A $135 Billion Industry In The U.S. Alone"
Forbes, 2017

Drag 'n' Drop Any Video Into Any Webpage
Are you looking for video clients?
GOOD because here's a simple question...

What's better than showing a business your video? Showing the business your video already IN THEIR PAGE

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  • check_circle_outline Media Service Providers

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More video

VideoSignoff can have you signing up more business than ever


More than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021 and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy!

More businesses (especially big ones) are aware of the rise of video too.

That's great for you no matter who you are because thanks to our cutting edge technology a business can see exactly how good your video looks in their webpage before they buy it.


It might sound counter intuitive but it's a winning strategy. The fact that you've gone to the trouble of creating a top class mockup of their page just to show how good your video looks in it won't be lost on them.

And once they see it, it's hard to go back

It doesn't matter whether you lead a huge design agency or build videos on you laptop in a cafe, VideoSignoff will improve your results.

There's no way it can't. Here's why. Businesses love their website, it drives business.
If they love your video in their page the chance of a sale increases dramatically.

No need to involve their web team and no need to tell them it only took you minutes to create the showcase page they are vewing. You don't require any HTML knowledge either.

Enter a couple of URL's, drag a video player into the page, click a button or two.

In this case we've provided the business with 3 examples of how video can improve their page. They'll be drawn to the one they like the most.

Why This Works

It's because they see a super professional reproduction, or mockup of their webpage that includes your video. Something that didn't cost you a fortune getting a pro to build.

And even if you are part of a large well known agency, VideoSignoff can speed up your workflow dramatically.

It lets you test different styles of video in a prospects page just by changing the video url. You get a better feel for what works before you begin.

With VideoSignoff you can create showcase pages quickly for all sorts of businesses.
It's simply a case of entering their url into a textbox and clicking MAKE IT.

Lawyers, Medical Centers, Restaurants or any business you choose. Simply enter the URL into VideoSignoff, add your video to it and show them.

In the Studio you'll also be shown who to target and how for the best results.

Just click this button when you open the studio.

80% of URL's on the web can be imported into the platform. That's a lot of businesses you can reach out to with an impressive showcase page.

The advantage VS brings to you comes when the company undertands what your video brings to their business AND sees it in their page.

It's at that point they often become a new client worth hundreds, thousands or more to your business each year.

Video IS the fastest growing web service
businesses are investing in and has been since 2015. But THIS PIE IS BIG.

The amount of companies requiring video services is enormous!

And VideoSignoff provides you a guaranteed way to impress them.

When you have a prospects
URL and your video URL
this is how easy it is

Listen to Video Marketing Doyen & TV Presenter Todd Gross Explain it in 1 minute.

What will you do after you land your
first 5 Figure client using VS?





"I really want to show a business how effective
our video will be for their website"

The Video Signoff platform lets you do EXACTLY THAT

It recreates a businesses webpage, lets you position your video in it
and saves it to the cloud. You want easy, this is easy. This works because

businesses love seeing
a great video in their page

When they see it, they often sign up immediately. You get an autograph and they send your video and showcase page link to their web team to add to the site.

For you it's a fast, easy, rince & repeat process you can use to generate business over and over again. Nothing to install, just login and create.

The VS Studio will become one of your
most powerful business assets

    highlight_off No need for costly web designers
    highlight_off No need to wait for delivery
    highlight_off No need to understand HTML
    highlight_off No need to worry about hosting

Will It Work FOR YOU? build

The VideoSignoff (VS) editor lets you test your videos in millions of webpages from the web.
It provides a never ending list of business prospects to approach anytime you want.

You can use it to test videos or even better, show businesses around Seattle
(or on the other side of the world) how good a video works in their page.

It's pretty easy too!


And A Prospects Link

Test YOUR prospects link below. Delete Boiling Crab link and enter your link and click TEST
You'll be notified whether the Studio can import this page.

Enter A URL You Want To See Your Video In and Click TEST

Use https:// links

Enter Your YouTube ID


R & D

Pick any webpage on the web. If targeting a business, 1-5M businesses produce faster results and higher returns.

Enter a URL

Enter the URL in the textbox below and click TEST. If it's possible to edit you'll be told underneath.

Add a YouTube ID

Enter a YouTube video ID and click MAKE IT. The page opens in a WYSIWYG editor with a dragable player.

Drop the player into the page

Drag the players corner to change its size and drop it in the page where you want the video to appear.

Video Signoff Studio Includes:

A Nice Simple User Interface
Anyone Can Operate

  • thumb_up Drag & Drop Showcase Page Builder
  • thumb_up Unlimited Showcase Pages
  • thumb_up Client Grabbing Tips & Strategies
  • thumb_up TEAM SEAT: 3 Users (built for collaboration)
  • thumb_up Templates: Create Sales, Lead and Landing Pages
  • thumb_up 24/7 Support Desk System

Who To Target

These Industries Actively Seek Out Video Services


Wide use of video

Building trust
Health Care

Explaining services

Create Uniqueness

Explaining features
Real Estate

Big internet base

Must stand out

There's a huge need for all styles of video

  • Almost 50% of web users look for a video before visiting a store, says Google.

  • Wyzowl says that 79% of consumers prefer watching video to reading about a product.

  • And Hubspot says that 43% of consumers want to see more video content this year.
Every business wants to build better relationships with customers favorite

Video is the most effective online medium to build trust, generate sales,
grow relationships and strengethen brand loyalty. At the same time!
We don't need to tell you this

But Here's Your Unfair Advantage

Video Signoff Is THE FAST ACTION Solution

This point and click software lets you take a video, drop it into a businesses webpage and show them how amazing it looks. In minutes, not hours or days.

It creates a near perfect replica of their page so nothing effects their website. And because it's so quick you can target more businesses.

Just pick one of their pages, add your video to it and invite them to look at it.

Super Easy

And if they look at it immediately you could be signing them up within 15 minutes!


  • arrow_forward Videographers

  • arrow_forward Marketing Agencies

  • arrow_forward Web Service Providers

  • arrow_forward Local Business Marketers

  • arrow_forward Product Creators


Optimised for Chrome & Firefox

Nothing to install

This is a cloud based desktop app so there
is nothing to download or install.
Just log in and use it.

A Powerful Presentation Studio For Your Videos

Businesses Will Love Your Video
But Let's Do Better


designed to deliver results

One great niche video is easy to rebrand
and offer to businesses in the next suburb, city, state or country.

Find a businesses competitor
and add your video to one of their pages.
    Show that to the business.

Who wants competitors having the advantage of a great opportunity?

Offer exclusivity or regular videos to
bake in more value every month

And if they don't want it, offer it to the competitor.

Just 20 businesses paying you $2500 /mo for video(s) is over $10,000 each week

It Can All Be Outsourced Too

Plenty of great videographers for hire to create your videos.

A Web VA can find your business urls, add the video and send you the masked links.
You (or your rep) show the businesses and sign them up.

Anyone Can Use It

Whether you're starting out or a pro

      1) Find a local business with a website.
          (even better if you know them)
      2) Select one of your videos to appear in it.
      3) Inside VS click MAKE IT, drop in the video and Save.
      4) Email the business 2 links.

Provide a link to the stand alone video
and a link to your VS showcase page.

Explain that they can just watch your awesome video by itself and be impressed or
they can see how it will actually look after it's been added to their site.

It will be hard for them to not see that.

If I was told your video could increase my sales by 20% and I can
see how right now, you think I'm not going to click that link?

Of course I am!

It's an irresistable offer

Or maybe use a comparison with their
current page and the VS page


#YOU# here from #COMPANY# hoping you're having a great day. I'm also hoping to make it even better if you have a few moments.

I had my team create a mock up of one of your webpages so we could show you how fabulous one of our business videos looks in it.

This is your page without our video
This is your page with our video

Tell me if that won't increase sales by 20%.

If interested in using this, we're scheduled to offer it to #COMPETITOR# on Thursday so let us know before then if you'd like to use it on your site.


Rinse & Repeat

Try It Now

Multi Purpose & Flexible Editor

If you provide copywriting, graphic design or other web services you can use VS to try things out in a businesses webpage and if you like it, show them. You can change text, add images and insert HTML.

Using VS to see your video on the businesses site first also has advantages. You can change the video if it doesn't work with their layout. And knowing how your video will appear on their page means better production decisions from the start.

VS provides huge advantages with its page replication technology

It can copy a webpage from almost any server and either drop your video into the page or replace the original video with your video. What more could you want?

In fact, you can get even more mileage out of the platform by
uploading your own custom pages to a server.

Yes, you can use your own webpages as templates and use
Video Signoff to drop the videos in.

Easy Prospecting

When you have a great video, maybe a hand drawn promo for restaurants you made in Explaindio, find different restaurant sites it would look great in.

Use VS to watch your video in some of these pages and if they look great show the restaurants. If they love their website and love what your video brings to it, they'll want it. Have your irresistible deal ready when they ask "how much?"!

Not sure exactly what to say to them? There's a section in VS dedicated to helping you get clients. It's called GET CLIENTS.

Try It Now


find_replace Enter the URL of the page you want to replicate.

VS replicates this page and either updates the original video
with your video or adds your video to the page.
(no overlay)

Show this to the prospect and close the sale!


It's An Exact Fully Functioning Replica
created in just a few steps

VS saves the replica page to the content distribution network (CDN) and generates a public and masked link to it to show the business.



Over 90 Templates To Use For Videos

* Also Host Your Own *



Monthly Membership - Save 60%

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  • TEAM Seat: Up to 3 Users
  • Tips, Strategies & Templates
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Yearly Membership - Save 80%

  • Annual Subscription Normal Price $499
  • Create Unlimited Showcase Pages
  • TEAM Seat: Up to 3 Users
  • Tips, Strategies & Templates
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  • 24/7 Email Support
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  • Lifetime Membership
  • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee
  • Create Unlimited Showcase Pages
  • TEAM Seat: 1 User
  • Tips, Strategies & Templates
  • No Contracts
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