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Finding Video Clients Used To Be Hard. We Fixed It!

Found A Business who should have your video on their site? Show them!

LIVE FREE TESTING: Here you can watch your YouTube video in a businesses webpage.
Click Open Demo to reproduce the page URL you enter.
Drag the player into the page and your video will appear there.
(hint: use the default settings to get the idea)
Enter Your YouTube video ID
Drag That Video Into This URL
Use The Video Signoff Studio To Get Businesses Calling You

Not a fan of cold calling businesses? Don't worry. We think we can get them calling you!
It takes less than 5 minutes to add your video to a professional reproduction of one of their webpages and send them a link to it. They see an often identical reproduction of their page with your amazing video in it! All ready to boost their profits! Test It above. No login required.

Businesses love their website. When they see how good your video looks in it they'll love a good deal. Over to you! Click INSTRUCTIONS or click Open Demo button to open the VSS WYSIWYG editor.
Use it here 100% FREE and join to save pages, generate links, access resources & much, much more.